Saving Sunday = Lots of Food and Nice Freebies from Last Week!

Evening all :),
Hope everyone's week has been swell! Mine was a little rough - Hubby and I battled bad colds though the end of the week. Finally feeling better today

Here is what I got for $123.66

Not bad - this weeks shop was focused on fresh fruit and veggies and also a lot of great discounted meat.

Deals of the Week:

Quantum Finish 20ct

This bad boy is expensive this week at $6.47 for 20ct BUT there is a lovely deal where you buy this between April 14 and May 4, 2012 and you get your money back! Hense = Mail in Rebate! I took advantage of bringing mine down to $4.47 with a $2.00 off coupon. Lets see if i'll get the full amount back or not ;) Does take 6-8 weeks for return but hey - check in the mail for this will be nice!

Get your MIR by liking them on Facebook and follow to Special Offers!!

Original Style Yogurt:

I'm trying to make my eating habits healthier - so starting with some plain jane yogurt - $2.47 this week (i've seen it cheaper) but got a $1.00 off coupon to bring it down to $1.47 still a good deal :)

Total savings with coupons and price matching = $16.27 (with anticipation on the MIR ;))

Random but great freebies in the mail this past week:

Free Chive Plant:

Uh ya! WTG Earth day - the office building near my work had a company come in and give away free herb plants! Wicked!

Free Liberte Coupon for Organic Milk:

This can only be redeemed at a Sobey's Urban Market - but hey Free Organic Milk - 1L Yum!

Glow Magazine!:

Latest Issue of Glow has come out for all those Shoppers Optimum Members (Plus members get it delivered free of charge ;) ) offer a bunch of bonus coupons and offers! Always a great mag!

Cheers to a great week everyone and Happy Saving!

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