How to: Find Sales/Coupon in the US!

Evening Everyone :),

So the Hubby and I are heading to the USofA this week for some shopping. He's been harping on me to show you what I do when I look for sales/prepare when I head down :).

Here we go!

1. List it up!

I'm a HUGE fan of lists! I plan out what I need to buy for the coming trip. As many of you may or may not know - you are only allowed to bring back $400 for 48 hrs. **(This will double June 1st, 2012!! woohoo). So plan carefully or expect to pay duty on what you bring back.

My list this time is pretty well planned - I'd show but some people would know what i'm grabbing ;).

2. Check local flyers and sign up for Emails! = Great deals!

As we are in Buffalo this time - surf on to the stores you want to hit up - same way as Canada - you can usually sign up for email exclusives! (Usually includes exclusive coupons for instore purchases!) so SIGN UP SIGN UP!!

3. Local Discounts can = $$$

One place I love to hit up in Buffalo is Macy's! - Great department store and offers and out of State Discount. - what is this? You save (I believe 10 might be 15%) all you have to show is ID! Bam! - great savings instantly and this also includes clearance items! woot woot!

4. Sign up for local savings cards

Since Buffalo is a border town - many local shops will allow you to sign up for savings discount cards. If you take a look at many drugstores - Rite-Aid, Walgreens and CVS - you have to have their discount cards to take advantage of great deals in their flyers. These are all MUST haves and allow you to take advantage of deals that can get you free items, great coupons and great savings!

5. Pre-coupon if you can! and remember stacking allowed ;)

This can be tough. Couponing without inserts in the US - Inserts run Sunday-Saturdays - so a bit different from Canada (esp. Toronto) If you are lucky enough to be in the US on a Sunday - pick up a big paper for the WEEKLY Smartsource and Red Plums. (that sentence just made me happy lol) These sites also offer US sites for you to print from. Try looking up websites that offer couponing in the US. Many do breakdowns of how to do deals.

6. Unsure - Ask!

I've found in my US adventures asking is always the best medicine :) Many hotels offer great coupons for local food or let you know about a certain weeknight that might have a special!

Remember you'll save money if you take the time to research!

Any good tips? Let me know down below or on Twitter @FrugalKris :)

Happy Saving!

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