Saving Sunday was actually Saving Saturday Night :) and made some biscuits :)

Good Afternoon all!
Been away for a few because hubby and I were down in the buffalo area trying to find him a job til he gets here :) I did find some great deals but that will be a seperate post ;)

For today this is what I got last night for groceries for the week:

Total: $80.44

My best deals of the week:

Free Juice:

With that Pepsi promotion I took part in last month - (buying $20 or more of Pepsi products get $20 in coupons) Hubby wanted some Juice so I took advantage of the FPC - (Free Product Coupon) and saved $4.67!

Free Activia Dessert:

My mom really likes her Activia - so I got the mailout a few months back with timed coupons on Activia - The one I used today was the buy a 12 pack get a dessert free! - This was retail $3.67.

Smuckers Jam:

I have had this coupon for a while and I wanted to use it. I've been craving some bread/biscuits with jam on em. So at Walmart the Big size jam was $3.00 and I used a $1.00 off coupon = $2.00!! Great Deal :D

My total Savings for this week: $13.65!!!!

Finally as my husband is from the Southern United States, I wanted to give him a little taste of home and attempt to make some Buttermilk Biscuits!

It was messy but I did buy all the ingredients yesterday and we still mananged to save some good money.

BTW the biscuits came out great! They might have looked a little funny but the recipe worked!!!!

I found it at Click Here for the recipe!

Happy Saving!

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