Saving Sunday and Mail for last week

Evening All,

Sunday was a slow day for me - woke up super late cause of the Daylight Savings Time shift. But I was able to get the groceries done :)

Here is what I got for $86.55.

Deal of the Week:

Satin Care Shave Gel:
This stuff I feel hardly goes on sale and I mean I am a bit of a horder of this product but I couldn't pass this deal up! - $1.99 on sale at No Frills this week - PMed at Walmart and had 2 - $1.00 off coupons!

Final Price .99 Cents each!

Total savings for the week: $8.10 not the best week but did try to buy mostly sale items...

Mail for the week:
Got a bunch of goodies this week and since i've been crazy busy with work I thought I would do a week in review of sorts :)

Free Reactine
Hubby does suffer from allergies so when Livingwell had their freebie up I grabbed it. I did noticed something interesting - There are TWO coupons that come with this! First is the $2.00 off in the envelope with the product.

Then a $1.50 off inside the package! Woohoo!! Extra savings all in one :D

Next I got my free Chateline in the mail (this came 3 issues with my box of shredded wheat a few weeks back) and it comes with some great coupons!

$3.50 off when you spend $10 on the items listed below:

Also $4 off Garnier Ultra-Lift moisturizer - also comes with a sample.

FREE - Tall Blonde Roast Coffee from Starbucks! That makes my free magazine all worth it ;)

Mag also had a Nivea sample included too!

Overall great mail week - lets hope it gets even better next week!

Happy Saving!

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