Buffalo Overview! Great Deals for Hubby!

Evening All :),

Hubby and I headed to Buffalo last week for some job hunting and shopping - here are a few of the great deals we found!


After our first day - Hubby complained his "pilgrim" shoes were hurting him so we decided to look for some new ones - stumbled upon these puppies at Target - the first location didn't have a size 13 but the second one did AND they were $6 cheaper!

Cost: $14.98

Suit Jacket:

Also Hubby didn't have a suit jacket while down on our first day we ventured into JC Penney and discovered this marked down. Decent and it fits him quite well :)

Cost: $45.00

Hubby already has a few ties but this one was a great deal :D

Regular $19.99 on the clearance rack for...

Cost: $5.98!


Ok everyone - I enjoy milk every morning - problem is I can't digest it very well so I drink lactose free = $$$$ in Canada. So while in Buffalo I head to Walmart and pick up 4 of these lovelies at $2.88!!!! SUPER SAVINGS FOR ME! :D (p.s. Walmart - bring this brand to Canada - k thanks :))

We were very fortunate that many of the purchases we made in Buffalo were actually covered by gift cards from the wedding! All Target purchases were technically FREE!

A couple of meals were also covered by gift cards and our Walmart trip for cereal and food was $71.00 before a coupon ;) and 3 gift cards brought it down to $13.00!!!


Overall great trip - Hubby got a few interviews - fingers crossed! And I dressed him sharp for very little money!

Happy Saving!

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