Saving Sunday and Freebie in the Mail!

Evening everyone :)

Savings Sunday was delayed slightly as I've been super busy cleaning my room and getting ready for Hubby coming to visit this week ^^

This is what I got for $37.06.

Best Deals of the Week for me:

Rice Krispie Squares/Rice Krispies:

Price Matched the small box of Krispies to $1.99 then used a buy the cereal get the squares free! Saved $2.00 on that :D


If you don't already know I am a Type 1 Diabetic - So when I was sent Glucerna coupons I wanted to give them a try. This is a meal replacement drink. Regular price - $11.97 at Walmart - Price matched to Rexall $7.99 then a $5.00 coupon! Final Price of $2.99!

Total savings with coupons and price matching $15.05!

Also as it is Monday - I got my mail! My freebie from! Aveeno body lotion :)

Happy Saving!

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