Saving Sunday and 3rd SCOP of the year!

Evening All,

Today was a long day in Walmart but this is what we got:

Total spent: - This total hurts! - $96.25

Now why was it so high? Well... hubby is in town :) *excited!* but we do have to buy more food in general.
We did get a couple of great buys this week including: 2 free bread when I bought Ziplock bags.

Pictures of deals of the week:

3rd SCOP of the year. All care of hubby! He noticed the milk was priced wrong on my reciept just as we were leaving - went to customer service and received my Lactose Free milk fo FREE! :D

Since hubby doesn't have any boots up here - noticed a really good deal in the shoe section - these were marked at $35.00 with no markdown - asked and associate who said they were $9.00 - I double checked and low and behold they scanned for $5.00! Woohoo!

Total savings in price matching and couponing: $27.11 ! best savings this year! and yes - the savings just based on the boots would be even more. :)

Happy Saving!

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