Mail = $20 in Free Coupons!! Woohoo!!

Hey Everyone!,

Mail freebies have been few and far between :P But yesterday's coupons I got was something I wasn't expecting until next month!

I purchased chips for the yearly New Years party I attend so it worked out with this deal as I purchased $20 worth and I qualified for the rebate!

Sucks because this just ended on Feb 13th :( Boo. Should have blogged about it sooner.

Here we go: It was a Mail-in-Rebate from Pepsi! - $20 in FREE coupons!! Wooohoo!!

Coupons are all for Freebies! So we can do Free Product Coupons! (FPC) << What does that mean - walk into the store - pick up the product listed and BAM free product :D Some great deals here all coupons expire September 30, 2012. Lots of time to use them and I'll probably end up using them for any party or even I need to bring something to :)

Happy Saving!

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