Asking Never Hurts!

Evening all!

I know i've been quiet but let's get back into the blogging! Tonight I have a story about makeup - yes I do enjoy collecting and wearing makeup. This is the first time i've tried to return makeup.

I got my makeup done by MAC for my wedding day a few months back. I went to my local mall and had it done by a MAC professional. I paid only $55 and it included a $18.00 mascara for free! Sweet deal right?! - well kinda for me. I ended up being allergic to the mascara =(. Total bummer. Since I got married in November - I only used the new mascara two or three times. I thought I would be totally out of luck - BUT - this is where you need to ASK.

I know for some its difficult but i've learned over the years if you don't try you will never know.

I headed back to the location that did my makeup - told them my dilemma - they ended up replacing with a new mascara - (different formula of course). I really appreciate great customer service :)

Here is a link to the previous one that didn't agree with me: (after reading MAC's website not the best reviews lol)

MAC Plush Lash

MAC Mascara X - My New one!

**P.S. Canadian Price for each is $18.00 - US site is $15.00.


Happy Saving!

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