Saving Sunday - Weekly Walmart Shop and Free POM juice @ No Frills

While I sit here watching the Golden Globes, I need to do the weekly post of what I bought today!

All this cost about $51.00.

I had to hit up Walmart and No Frills but I did have 2 Deals of the Week!

POM Juice:
Smallest size is on sale this week at No Frills for $1 match that up with a $1 off any POM product coupon = Free!!! I had 2 so I grabbed 2 of those.

Astro Yogourt:
With Walmart's price matching policy - I picked up a 12x100g pack that is on sale this week at Price Chopper for $3.99. I also had a $1 off coupon making this only $2.99.

Happy Saving!

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