Saving Sunday! - Weekly Walmart Shop and SCOP #2 for 2012

After a busy weekend its time for a post about the savings i got!

Headed over to Walmart for the weekly grocery shop. Ended up getting all this for $42.86.

Only one coupon used :( but did take advantage of price matching ads to get better savings :)

Deals of the shop:

Ziplock Bags (Medium and Large) - marked down to .74 CENTS!!! Yesss Christmas markdowns! Bonus - each box had $5.00 in coupons! YAHOOOO!!! Check your local Walmart - mine were in a bun aisle (kinda not in the usual area...)

Coupons are for baking supplies!

Second - got some Yogurt for Free! For some reason the Astro Zero Strawberry flavour was cheaper than the other flavours - scanned it and found it was priced wrong! Worked in my favour! Free Yogurt!

I will probably be working out savings tomorrow for exactly how much I saved!

Happy Savings!

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