Mail = Free Lube and Shoppers BP Coupons!!

Great mail in my mailbox tonight!

Firstly - Free Lube!

Got this from one of my favourite freebie sites! they give away amazing freebies!

Freebies i've gotten from

Now Hubby and I will be taking advantage of this one hehe ;)

How can you get your own freebies from register and keep checking their trials and special offers section!

Second I got some amazing coupons from Shoppers Drug Mart! I love their Optimum rewards program!

Coupons are:

All coupons have an expiry of Feb. 29, 2012! I am a Plus member that might be why I got them but this is the first big coupon stack I've received from Shoppers by mail! Woohoo! Anyone else get some? I'd love to know!

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