Freebie Weekend and awesome Victoria's Secret deal!

Evening Everyone!

End of the month already?! yeesh! Had an amazing weekend for shopping. Even being frugal I am still able to find some crazy deals.

First: the pretty pink bag we all know...

Victoria's Secret!! Now i'm not a huge fan of them but like any Frugal girl - I love them when they have sales. I though VS only had like one or two clearance sales a year but for some reason I was able to find makeup and underwear for really good deal.

The underwear was $1.99 a pair! WHAT that is even cheaper then Aerie underwear which i do adore but I can't be that price. I might have a underwear obsession.... but enough of that.... Reg price range from $8.50-10.50 each pair.

I've really enjoyed a little eyeshadow that I had gotten in another VS sale last year - it was only $1.25. So when i saw the Clearance section with a 75% off bin I was soooooo EXCITED!!!!

Here is what I got:

Brilliant Shimmer Shadow in Silver Dust and Silky Eyeshadow in Pose.
Now the price was CRAZY - $3.50 each!!!! I tell you - I am pretty lucky at finding these things. I did tweet about this the minute I got out of the store. Both were well over $12.00 each. I haven't used them yet but when I do i'll give a review for sure :)

And to top off my day 3 Freebies!

1. L'Occitane en Provence - 30ml Hand Cream! $12 value - free with liking them of FB. I did blog/tweet this earlier this month. I wasn't the only one picking these up it was fun to see others picking up freebies.

2. Sephora B-day gift. Got a lovely suprise for my pre-bday freebie! a Fresh Sugar Kisses Mini Lip Duo. Ok... these are super tiny but I know why - the actual price for one is well over $25.00!!! Who would pay that much for a lip balm?!?!? Crazy i know but as part of the Sephora Beauty Insider i'm able to get this free for my b-day :)

3. Walking through the Bay to head back to the car you always have to pass by the makeup counters - gave a sample size of Clairns Truly Matte Foundation in the colour 02 pale ivory.

Free stuff is always fun!

Happy Saving!

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