Freebie at the Mall!

Friday night and what better way to spend it then heading to the mall after work! My friend Sheleigh and I went to the local mall and hit up a few stores.

How do you save money by going to the mall?

1. don't buy anything!
2. well.. when you need something... set a budget! Sheleigh managed to get a pair of boots for almost half of what she budgeted for! Woohoo!
3. Always ask for Freebies!

And yes - this freebie was from Sephora! - They have a Beauty Insider program - free to signup for and once signed up you receive email updates and also on your birthday free swag! (Like body wash! woohoo)

In store as well - sometimes they email you freebies! but today (and every time i'm at the mall) I ask if they have any freebies - today was a Clarins Sample!

Check pics below!

Check out the link here for Sephora's Beauty Insider Program!

Remember - sometimes just asking gets you something :)

Happy Saving!

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