Free Fries?! Yes Please! and Early B-Day Reminder from Sephora

Evening everyone!

So a couple of freebie reminders for you - one I might take advantage of and the other I gotta hit up my Sephora ASAP!

Burger King:
Ok... I like fastfood rarely but when I do - I generally use coupons for them. When I heard about this on I had to tell you all!

Friday January 27th get free small fries!

Only exception doesn't apply to highway or movie theatre locations!

So walk in, ask for fries and walk out with FREE FOOD, how awesome is that!

Yahoo!! Free Fries!!!

My birthday is coming up next month and I absolutely love Sephora! I encourage everyone to grab their Beauty Insider card. It's free and you get a free gift on your birthday! Last year was a bodywash sample this year is an item i've been wanting to get my hands on for a while - Fresh lip balm.

I love beauty products and this is something i've been very excited to try!

Happy Saving!

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