Sunday, 10 August 2014

Savings Sunday! RCSS: SCOP, Price Matching Deals, Pink Stickers and More!

Good Evening All!

Here is what I spent today - $68.20!

Deals of the Week!

Price Matching!

Picked up Yogourt for $4.99 and Taco kit for $2.99 from Target! Also Grapes $1.49/lb and Wonder Bread $1.99 from Coppa!

SCOP and Pink Stickers!

My SCOP of the week came from Hubby's fave pizza! PC Thin Crust Pizza is really the best! Shelf Price: $4.29 Rang in as $4.98! SCOPed one and got the second price adjusted! Saved $5.67! Also Picked up some Naan bread 50% off!

Metro PMs!

2 Staples that I was able to price match. Silk Almond Milk $3.49 and Barilla Pasta .99 cents/each!

PC Plus Points!

Managed to score some amazing points deals! 600 pts (.60 cents) on Grapes; 3,200 pts ($3.20!) on Ground Beef - Which I PMed as well making the final price $6.98!!! :D; and 800 pts (.80 cents) on deli meat and cheese! Total points earned = 4,600 pts or $4.60! Woohoo!

Total Savings with Pink Stickers, Price Matching, SCOP and PC Plus Points = $$31.73!!

Have a great week everyone!

Sunday, 3 August 2014

Savings Sunday! RCSS: Cheap Triscuits, Thins Fins and More!

Evening Everyone!

Here is this weeks haul! Only Paid $34.87! (- $3.00 Checkout 51 = $31.87) Very Cheap week this week!!!!

Deals of the Week!

PM Deals!

Price Matched Fruit and Veggies this week! Got a Cucumber for .77 cents (No Frills); Tomatoes .99 cents/lb (WalMart); Grapes .99 cents/lb!

Almost Free Snack Food and Mayo!

Amazing Deal this week from Checkout 51! PMed No Frills $1.67 for Thins Fins and Triscuits - $1.50 Rebate on EACH from CO51 = .17 cents EACH! Yahooo! Also PMed a Hellmann's Mayo to $2.97 from No Frills. Also managed to get a free Knorr item attached! Score!

PC Plus Point Deals!

Managed to make 1,600 pts ($1.60) on Pork and 400 pts (.40 cents) on Grapes! Totaling $2.00 or 2,000 points!

Total Savings with Price Matching, Checkout 51, and PC Plus Points - $13.21!

Have a great long weekend everyone! :) Happy Saving!

Sunday, 27 July 2014

Savings Sunday! RCSS: PC Plus Point Deals, Pink Stickers, PMs and SnapSaves Rebates!

Good Evening All!

Here is this week's haul! Spent $90.93 (-.50 cents from SnapSaves = $90.43!)

Deals of the Week!

PC Plus Point Deals!

Managed to get some great point deals this week on some inexpensive items! Manadarin Oranges - .800 pts (.80 cents) earned when they only cost .85 cents!; Sociables Crackers 100 pts (.10 cents); Oasis Juice (PMed to $2.00) made 600 pts (.60 cents); Turkey $5.00 500 pts (.50 cents); Capocollo 400 pts (.40 cents)= Total 2400 pts or $2.40!

Cantaloupe and Lime SnapSaves Rebates!

Love some great fruits! Picked up a lime - .34 cents - .25 cent SnapSaves rebate = .09 cents! and a great Organic Cantaloupe - .99 cents in store - .25 cent SnapSaves rebate = .74 cents! Also forgot to picture a Pineapple I PMed to WM for $1.97! Yummie and Healthy!!

No Frills PMs!

Some great PMs from No Frills this week! Lipton Soup - $1.00 a box; $1.00 TrueTaste Milk 1L (best price I've seen!); Ziggy's Pasta $2.00/each; and Sugar 2KG size for $1.50!

Pink Stickers and a PM!

Picked up another 6 pack of bagels for 50% off! $1.59; 3 Naan Bread Minis for pizzas - $2.97 - 50% = $1.47; Also picked up a 12 pack of snack packs for $2.99 (PM from Shoppers!)

Total Savings Price Matching, Pink Stickers, SnapSaves, and PC Plus Points: $24.45!

Have a great week everyone!

Sunday, 20 July 2014

Savings Sunday! RCSS - Free Taco Kit, Amazing PC Plus Points, Great PMs and More!

Good Evening All!,

Here is this week's haul: Paid $73.93!

Deals of the Week

PMing Deals of the week!

Great PMs this week - Managed to get 2 cartons of Orange Juice $2.00/each - at No Frills; Silk Almond Milk $3.49 and Barilla .99 cents at Metro; Del Monte Fruit cups $1.99 at Coppa.

Grapes and Tomatoes

Other mmm fruit and veggies - $1.47/lb for Grapes and Walmart; and Vine Tomatoes .79 cents/lb at Coppa

Free Taco Kit, Cheap Bread and Pink Sticker

I had an FPC from my last Taco kit because it was expired when I was about to use it! The company sent me an FPC to replace it - saved $4.00. Cinnamon Raisin Bagels - $3.19 - 50% sticker = $1.59. Country Harvest Bread - PMed for $2.00 - 1,200 PC plus Points = .80 cents!! WOOHOO!

PC Plus Points Deals

Managed to get some amazing points deals - Taco Kit (FREE) and made 800 points (.80 cents); Potatoes 600 pts (.60 cents); Grapes 600 pts (.60 cents); Bagels 200 pts (.20 cents); Veal 1,000 pts ($1.00); Country Harvest 1,200pts ($1.20) for a Total of 4,400 points! or $4.40!!!! Woohoo!

Total Savings with PC Plus Points, Pink Sticker, Coupons, FPC and Price Matching: $23.74

Happy Savings This Week Everyone!

Sunday, 13 July 2014

Savings Sunday on Saturday! Free Bread, Rain Check Redeeming and More!

Evening Everyone!

Here is this weeks shop! Spent $56.91 (-.25 cents Checkout 51 $56.66)!

Deals of the Week!

Free Bread!

My coupon from the 100 pack of Ziploc bags earlier this year (with expiry by the end of the month) finally found a sale to use this on - Picked up a 30 pack of Ziploc bags for $2.44 and pick up the bread for free! Saved $2.77!! Yahoo!

Rain Check Redeeming!

My RCSS was out a few key items I wanted to pick up last week. This week they restocked! $1.98 Dawn and $1.50 Milk!

Price Matching Deals!

Picked up some great deals on Soup .50 cents at No Frills, Grapes, $1.49/lb Yummie Market and Celery .79 cents Yummie Market!

More PMing!

Also got Yogourt $2.99 and Almond Milk $3.49 PMed from Metro and Gum $1.99 for a 4 pack from Shoppers!

Total Savings with Price Matching, Coupons, PC Plus Points and Checkout 51: $12.12!

Have a great week everyone!

Monday, 7 July 2014

Savings Sunday! RCSS: Amazing Salad Dressing Deal, Cheap Sour Cream and PC Plus Points!

Evening Everyone!,

As you may or may not have seen - I was putting finishing touches on my paper for class - hence why this is a day behind schedule! Total spent this week: $65.78!

Deals of the Week!

Price Matching - Yummie Market and No Frills!

Managed to pick up some great price matching deals this week from Yummie Market (2 week flyers there!) $1.49 Sour Cream - .50 cent coupon = .99 cents!; .88 cent Green Leaf Lettuce; Also some cheese from No Frills - $3.77 and Granola Bars at $1.77! also PMed an onion to WM and only paid .55 cents!(not shown in picture above!)

Salad Dressing Deal!

This was quite the unexpected deal this week! I needed some salad dressing and it was on sale at No Frills for $1.97. When I went to get the item off the shelf - 1,000 points for buying it! SCORE! Then I also managed to have a personal offer of another 700 pts = $1.70 in points made and only paying .27 cents for dressing! woohoo!

PC Plus Points Earned This Week!

Did pretty darn well on points this week - 1,700 pts ($1.70) on Salad Dressing; 400 pts (.40 cents) on Bananas; 800 pts (.80 cents) on Fresh Pork; 400 pts (.40 cents) on Ricotta Cheese; Totaling 3,300 pts or $3.30! Woohoo!

Total Savings with Price Matching, Coupons and PC Plus Points: $9.16!

Have a great week everyone and happy saving!!!

Sunday, 29 June 2014

Savings Sunday! RCSS: Cheap Sour Cream, Klondike Bars, Amazing PMs and Checkout 51/SnapSaves Deals!

Afternoon All!,

Here is this week's haul! Paid $73.31! ( - $2.75 in Checkout 51/Snapsaves = $70.56!!!)

Deals of the Week!

Walmart PMs!

Since it's 20th Anniversary Walmart they have some amazing deals! Picked up Kraft Dinner - .94 cents each; Salad Dressing - $1.94; Grape Tomatoes - .94 cents!

More PMs - No Frills, Coppa and Yummie Market!!!

I did a ton of PMing this week - Here are some more! - Romaine Lettuce - .88 cents; Dole Salad .88 cents; Sour Cream - $1.49 - .50 coupon = .99 cents - SnapSaves .50 cents = .49 cents!; .88 cent Alcan; $1.88 Wonder Bread; $2.88 Welches Frozen berries; Barilla Pasta - .99 cents!

Checkout 51 Deals!

Not sure why I added the Ragu but I did PM them - .99 cents each! But the best deals were from Checkout 51! PMed the Klondike bars to $2.88 (No Frills) - $2.00 Checkout 51 = .88 cents!!!! Reg Price at RCSS $6.49!!! AMAZING DEAL! And great time for them! SOOO HOT OUT! Also .25 cents back on my Apple - .27 cents for one :) Yummie!

Total Savings with SnapSaves, Checkout 51, Coupons and Savings: $23.96!!

Have an amazing holiday weekend and happy saving!!!!