Sunday, February 7, 2016

Savings Sunday! Metro & Fresh Co. Cheap Meat, Canned Tomatoes and Tons of Price Matching!

Happy February Everyone!,

Here is this week's haul. Spent: $88.37

Deals of the Week!

Meat Deals!

Stumbled upon some amazing meat deals this week - picked up two packs of pork and beef blend for $6.10 and $6.43. Also a pack of small steaks for $9.89. Two packs of ribs for hubby's lunches this week totaling $14.17 (May not need two packs so I have an extra one if needed! :)) Also a 3lb whole chicken for $5.79! All great deals from Metro and Fresh Co. this week!

Coke and Dessert!

For Hubby's lunch this week I making crockpot ribs! (In the crockpot at time of typing this ;)) Needed some coke for the recipe - picked up a 2L for .99 cents (RCSS); Also grabbed two more of these ice cream bars (they are amazing from last week!) On sale for $2.48 (Coppa)!

Fruit and Veggie Deals!

So many great deals this week! .98 cents/lb Red Delicious Apples (Sobey's); 5 pack of Avocados $2.96 (Walmart); Broccoli $1.49 each (Metro); Limes .19 cents each (RCSS)

Bunch of Price Matching!

Diana's Rib sauce for those ribs! $1.99 (RCSS); Kraft Salad Dressing $1.96 (No Frills); Imperial Margarine $1.96 (No Frills); Unico Beans and Canned Tomatoes .87 cents each (Fortinos).

Total Savings with Price Matching, Sales, Zweet, and Air Mile: $17.22!

Have an amazing week everyone! Happy Saving!

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Savings Sunday! Metro & Fresh Co. Cheap Meat, Veggies and More!

Hello All,

Here is this week's haul, Spent: $85.42

Deals of the Week!


Picked up some amazing deals on meat this week. Chicken Drumsticks, Pork chops and Ground Beef from Metro (Total: $23.04). And an amazing deal on Pork Loins at Fresh Co. $1.44/lb - Paid $6.37 and $6.51 each and one is currently cooking for the Hubs lunches this week! Crazy deal! I grabbed two and only paid $12.88 for two!! Woohoo!

Price Matching!

Hubby requested some snack food - Tostitos for $2.46 each (No Frills); Chapman's Treats $2.48 (Loblaws); Butter $2.87 (Loblaws)!

Fruit and Veggies!

Lots of deals this week on fruit and veggies! Bananas .25 cent rebate with Zweet = $1.74! Cauliflower $1.99 (Metro); Avocados $2.99 (Fresh Co.); Cucumber .76 cents (Walmart); Broccoli $1.26 (Walmart)!

Good Deals!

Picked up more canned tomatoes Unico .99 cents (Sobey's); Alymer .98 cents (Loblaws); Almond Fresh $3.49 (Metro) and Croissants $1.99 (Metro)!

Total Savings with Air Mile, Price Matching, Sales and Zweet: $34.91!!!

Amazing Savings this week! Have a great week everyone :) Happy Saving!

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Savings Sunday! Metro & Fresh Co. Cheap Almond Milk, Meat, Tomatoes & More!

Hello Everyone :),

I hope you are having a great weekend so far! Here is this week's haul! Spent: $71.76!

Deals of the Week!


Since we are in the new year (almost February!) We've been continuing to eat more and more veggies! Picked up two Broccoli's for Hubby ($1.67 each/Metro); Frozen Veggie Mix ($2.99 Metro) for a stirfry this week and Canned Peas (.97 cents each Fresh Co.)


Amazing deal on Chicken Thighs this week at Metro only $1.99/lb! Picked up two packs for $13.55! One will be for Hubby's lunches this week (Making Honey Sriracha Chicken again!) and another for a meal this week :). Also picked up some steaks and ground beef! Very reasonable meat deals this week!

Price Matched Tomatoes and More Tomatoes!

Price matched Canned Tomatoes (.99 cents each Sobey's); Roma Tomatoes (.98 cents/lb No Frills) and Kraft Salad Dressing ($1.99 Fortino's)!

Honey and Almond Milk!

Some of Hubby's lunch recipies call for Honey so this is a great stock up price at $3.97 (Fresh Co.) also another great price for Almond Milk $2.98 (Loblaws) this week!

Total Savings with Air Mile, Price Matching, Sales and Zweet: $9.05!

Have a great week everyone! Happy Saving!

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Savings Sunday! Metro, Fresh Co. Cheap Sugar, Veggies, Meat and More!

Good Afternoon All,

The blog might look a little different! Trying out a new layout/design! I'm enjoying it and hope you do too :) Here is this week's haul! Spent: $82.57!

Deals of the Week!

Canned Tomatoes and Fresh Pasta!

Decided to pick up more canned tomatoes as Hubby and I are loving chili and soups/stews lately! I think i'm making Chili and Tomato Tortellini soup this week! Unico Tomatoes for .98 cents each (PMed to Metro); Alymer chili tomatoes for $1.00 each at Fresh Co.; Also tortellini for $2.00 a package at Fresh Co.!

Meat Deals!

Even though I spent a bunch on meat this week ($33.09) - all was on sale and I will get a few meals out of em. One chicken pack will be Hubby's lunches this week (Honey Soy Chicken); one will be for mayo chicken this week and the 3 pork tenderloin's will be for 2 separate shredded pork crockpot dishes :)! Also I like to have pepperoni on hand for quick pizza's, only $3.97 this week :)! I have a bunch of naan bread in the freezer - might as well use it!

Rebate and Price Matching Deals!

Almond Fresh is on sale at Metro for $3.99 - $1.00 off rebate with Checkout 51 = $2.99!; Also two great rebates this week on Veggies and Sugar! Fresh Co. has Sugar on for $1.50 this week (great price!) and .25 cent Zweet rebate - $1.25 for sugar!!! Also picked up two sweet potatoes for .99 cents - .25 cent veggie rebate = .74 cents!

Total Savings with Zweet, Checkout 51, Air Mile and Price Matching: $9.59

Have a great week everyone and happy saving!

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Savings Sunday! Metro, Fortino's and Fresh Co: Meat Deals, Cheap Fruit and Veggies and More!

Good Afternoon Everyone! :),

Here is this week's haul: Spent $66.38!

Deals of the Week!

Fresh Fruit and Veggies!

Keeping to the healthy eating this year - Here are the deals I picked up these: Kiwi: $2.43 (Food Basics); Broccoli $1.48 (Highland Farms); Bananas .59/lbs (Coppa); Big bag of Green Beans for $1.49 at Fortino's (on the clearance rack); $1.49 Grape Tomatoes (No Frills)

Price Matching and Rebates!

Picked up BBQ sauce for more shredded pork .99 cents (Loblaws); Salad Dressing $2.00 (Fortino's); Natrel $2.69 - .25 cent Zweet rebate! = $2.44!

Soup & Tea!

.49 cents for Soup each (Loblaws) and picked up Tea from Fresh Co. $2.00!


Last week's chicken went well with the hubs! This week we are opting for pulled pork for his lunches - very easy: pork, BBQ sauce and put in on for 4 hrs on high = done! First time i'm going to try this with pieces of pork! I usually do pork tenderloin! Hopefully it will turn out great :D Also picked up pork ($7.49 & $8.09) for a dinner this week, a beef roast ($12.72) and a whole chicken ($7.32) for hopefully a few meals! All Meat: $35.62!

Total Savings with Price Matching, Sales, Zweet and Air Mile: $8.32!

Have a great week all and Happy Saving!

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Savings Sunday! Metro & Fresh Co. Happy 2016!!! Cheap Almond Milk, Meat, Ziploc Containers and more!

Happy 2016 Everyone!,

Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas and New Years! Ours was quite busy but a wonderful time with friends and family!

Here is this week's haul! Spent: $103.91 (Stock up week for sure!)

Deals of the Week!

Metro Meat Deals!

Hubs has decided to change up what he wants for lunches. Used to be sandwiches but now we are going to try some protein, veggies and yogurt for lunches! Picked up chicken thighs that I am making Honey Sriracha Chicken in the crockpot right now! Each package was under $6.75 each! Great deal for two weeks worth of lunches! And picked up two packages of lean ground beef on sale as well! Each under $8.52! Still pinning a bunch of recipes per week!

Coupon Deals!

Price Matched some new Ziplocs for Hubby's lunches $3.48 at Metro this week - $1.00 coupon = $2.48 for 4 containers. Also picked up a pack of tortellini $4.00 on sale with a $2.00 off peelie for short expiry = $2.00!

Fruits and Veggies!

I'm not sure about your grocery store but Fresh Co. has jumped up in prices on Fruit and Veggies! I now have to price match bananas! YEESH! Pmed Bananas Coppa - .58 cents/lb; Broccoli Foodland $1.98/bunch; Sweet Potatoes .69 cents/lb Fresh Co and Green Beans $2.99/lb expensive but didn't buy too many! and .99 cent bagged salad!

Canned Stuff and Price Matching!

Gonna be attempting some Chili this week! Picked up canned black beans for .77 cents and canned tomatoes for .99 cents each. Also picked up honey for the chicken I talked about before $4.97 pmed to Superstore; Salt .58 cents at Fortinos.

More PMing!

Astro Yogourt for $2.99 at Fresh Co.; Peanut Butter for $2.46 at No Frills; .98 cents for two mushroom soup at Loblaws?; Ketchup $2.99 at Loblaws!

Almond Milk and Snacks!

I decided to stock up on Almond Milk this week! $2.98 pmed to Metro! Also grabbed Nature Valley Bars for $1.76 a box from Fortinos that also has a BOGO Movie ticket deal on it! Pretty much a savings of $12.00+ with that deal right there!! Woohoo!!

Total Savings with Air Miles, Price Matching, Coupons, Zweet and Sales: $35.70!!

Have an amazing first week of 2016 and Happy Saving!

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Savings Sunday! Metro & Fresh Co. Small Haul: Cheap bread, Salad Fix-ins and More!

Good Evening All!,

Here's this week's haul! Spent: $54.63!

Deals of the Week!

Salad Items and Onions!

Price Matched Onions ($1.26 - Walmart); Avocados ($1.87 - Food Basics); Kraft Salad Dressing ($1.96 - No Frills) and .99 cent Salad on sale at Fresh Co.

Baking Supplies and Bread!

Picked up Chipits for christmas baking ($2.49 each - Fortinos); Butter $2.99 at Metro and Light Rye $1.59 - .25 Zweet rebate = $1.34!

Meat and Dove!

Two steaks for $11.68. For the few meals I need this week we will be using some meat from the last few weeks! Meal Planning is working out so well for us :). Also PMed the Dove Men's for a Christmas present for $3.98!

Total Savings with Price Matching, Zweet, Weekly Savings: $7.94!

Have an amazing Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone!