Sunday, 13 April 2014

Savings Sunday! Buffalo, NY Shopping! Part 1: Target, Big Lots, Cracker Barrel and More!

Good Evening Everyone!

Mom and I have been shopping our butts off the last day and a half and here are my purchases!


Ok, I'll admit it. I have a Target problem. I've so far in my visit down here - been to four different locations! But I've managed to pick up some great things :)

Clearance Stuff!

Probably the best thing about Target are the clearance sections! Picked up 2 bottles of nail polish for $1.48 each, Powder $2.98, an Eyeshadow pallet $1.98, a cute earring and necklace set $2.98 and a sweater for $6.88!

Coupon Deals

Makeup deals: Cover Girl Nail Polish $1.48 - .50 cent off printable = .98 cents! Rimmel Eyeshadow Palette - $1.98 - .50 cent off printable = $1.48. And Up and Up cotton - $2.04 - $1.00 off printable = $1.04!

Allegra and All Deal

I did do this deal on Saturday so it was a last week deal but still amazing for me! Allegra on sale for $17.99 - $4.00 printable = $13.99 Also when you bought one I got a $5.00 gift card. The 77 load All was on sale for $6.99 - $5.00 GC = $1.99!!! Woohoo!!

Big Lots!

Mom had talked about this store for a while - it was a mix between Zellers and a super old Canadian store Biway! :) Grabbed a Cuisinart 8inch skillet for $9.99!

Cracker Barrel!

Picked up these 2 cute bracelets that I will be using for my medic alert bracelet! Only $5.99 each!


Super cute cutlery holder on clearance for only $3.00!

I need to split this one up! Tons of other deals for another day! Happy Saving!

Sunday, 6 April 2014

Savings Sunday! RCSS: SCOP - Free Pizza, Free Ice Cream, Cheap Gravy Mix and more!

Hello All!,

I think we are finally getting into Spring Weather!!!! Woohoo!!! - Here is this week's haul: Spent: $69.78 (- .75 from CO51 and $1.00 SnapSaves: $68.03!)

Deals of the Week!

Price Matching/Couponing/CO51 Deals, Pink Sticker and Freebie!

Managed to Price Match Hellmann's Mayo down to $2.99 - .75 cent off coupon = 2.24!; Chapman's gives out a yearly coupon for $4.00 worth of product - Picked up this 2L tub of ice cream for only $3.33 or FREE!, Clubhouse Gravy PMed to .97 cents - .75 cents back with Checkout51 = .22 cents! and picked up some Pink Sticker Buns for the burgers I got $1.39 for 6!

Lysol Toilet Cleaner

Picked up this at RCSS for $2.97 - $1.00 off printable coupon - $1.00 SnapSaves rebate = .97 cents! And it is quite a large version of the product too! Woot!

More Price Matching for Yummie Salads!

Managed to pick up everything for some great salads this week - Andy Boy $1.97 PMed, Tomatoes .77 cents/lb, Kraft Dressing $1.99 each!

Pizza SCOP!

Did this exact same SCOP last week! Saved $4.39! as it was priced incorrectly - should have been $3.99!

PC Plus Points!

Earned some great bonus points this week: 1,000 pts on OJ; 200pts on Margarine; 1,600 pts on Ground Beef! (That I PMed to No Frills and only paid $8.61 for a club pack! woot!); PC Blue Menu Burgers 1,000 pts. In total made 3,800 pts this week or $3.80! :D

Total Savings this week with Price Matching, Couponing, Pink Sticker, SnapSaves, Checkout51 and PC Plus Points: $35.22!!!

Happy Savings this week everyone!! Look forward to a great weekend next weekend with Mom! Heading south of the border - look out for some fun blogging with hauls!

Sunday, 30 March 2014

Savings Sunday! RCSS: SCOP, Meat Stockup, Cheap Degree, Pink Stickers and More!

Good Evening Everyone!

After finally feeling better after a bout of Bronchitis.... ewww... Here is this weeks haul! Spend: $105.73!

Deals of the Week!

Price Matching Deals!

A lot of .99 cent deals this week - Primo Soup, Betty Crocker Cake and Barilla Pasta! Also $2.00 Perogies and $3.97 for Oasis Juice!

SCOP on Pizza!

Hubby really enjoyed this pizza when I picked it up a few weeks ago with a Checkout 51 cashback - On the shelf this was $3.99 I made Hubby check the price just in case and it was scanning at $4.39!!! So first one Free with SCOP and 2nd one at the shelf price :)! Saved $4.79!

Couponing and Pink Sticker Deals!

Great Couponing deals with Degree - $1.65 each - $1.00 off coupons = .65 cents for donations :); Robin Hood Oats - $2.47 - .50 cents = $1.97! (2nd last day of that coupon so glad to stock up love this for my breakfast YUM) also 50% fruit cup pack ($1.64 - cheaper than no name!) and also extra lean ground beef - 30% off sticker - $5.72!

Total savings with Price Matching, Pink Stickers, Coupons, PC Plus Points:$19.11!

Have a great week everyone! :D

Sunday, 23 March 2014

Saving Sunday! RCSS: 50 cent KD, 75 cent Barilla Pasta and More!

Good Evening Everyone!

Been a long sickly weekend for Hubby and I fighting some bad colds - I did manage to hit up the grocery store - spending $100.98!(- $75.00 in Gift Cards from my b-day $25.96 out of pocket :D!!)

Deals of the Week

Coupon Deals

Since being under the weather I didn't expect many couponing deals this week - Kraft Dinner On sale for $1.00 box - $1.00 when you buy 2 coupon = .50 cents each! Robin Hood Oats - a staple for my breakfast - not on sale $2.98 - .50 cents off $2.48. Barilla Pasta - $1.50 - .75 cent off coupon = .75 cents!

Price Matching!

No Frills and Highland Farms were great PMs for me this week: .97 cent Mushrooms and Grape Tomatoes; $1.97 Del Monte Fruit; $3.99 Oasis Juice and $1.99 Nutrigrain bars!

Other PMs and Old El Paso Deal!

More from Highland Farms - .99 cent Barilla! $1.00 Ragu with No Frills, $1.99 Eggos at Fresh Co. and $3.47 for the Taco Kit which has a coupon for Free Cheese - Next time you buy another kit, the cheese and Salsa - Savings up to $7.00! Nice coupon and good til July 2014! Woot!

PC Plus Points

Managed to make 2350 in points this week ($2.35 in Points!) On Lunch Meat and Deli Cheese (1,400 pts), Shredded Cheese - (300 pts); Bread (100 pts); Apples (350 pts); Bananas (200 pts!)

Total Savings with Price Matching, PC Plus Points, and Coupons: $20.88!

Have a great week everyone!!!

Saturday, 15 March 2014

Savings Sunday on Saturday! Under .50 cents each Dove Body Wash, Under $1 Nutrigrain Bars and Leclerc Bars!

Evening Everyone!

Since I'm busy tomorrow I went off to the grocery store today - Here's what I got for $78.72 (-$4.00 from Checkout51 = $74.72!)

Deals of the Week

Price Matching Deals!

Some great price matching deals this week Astro Yogourt 16-pack $3.97, Strawberries - $1.44/each, Margarine - $2.97 for 3lb size!, Snack Packs $2.99 for 12!, $1.29 for a pint of Tomatoes

$1.50 and under deals using Price Matching and Coupons!

A couple of amazing deals this week on snack food! Lecleric snack bars - PMed to No Frills $1.44/box - $1.00 off coupon = .44 cents each! or 2 for .88 cents!, Nutrigrain bars - $1.98 at RCSS - $1.00 printable = .98 cents!, Babybel PMed to Target $2.99 - $1.50 off coupon = $1.49! and Country Naturals Bologna (Reg $5.99 @RCSS) PMed to Fresh Co. $1.88 - $1.00 off coupon .88 cents!! WoW!!!

Dove & Pizza Checkout 51 Offers and Clearance Oreos!

My Dove deal was AMAZING! $3.98 this week at RCSS - $2.00 off printable coupons = $1.98 each PLUS save $3.00 when you buy 2 with Checkout51 = .96 cents for 2!!!!! wowowowow! That's .48 cents EACH! Also with Checkout 51 I upgraded an offer from .50 cents off any pizza to $1.00 = Many pizzas at different stores on this week - Picked up a PC pizza $2.99 - $1.00 offer = $1.99! Finally since the Olympics is over - Time to clear out the Cookies! Oreos down to $1.44 a box! Yum!

Total Savings with Price Matching, Coupons, PC Plus Points and Checkout 51: $33.79!

Have a great week everyone and Happy Saving!

Sunday, 9 March 2014

Savings Sunday! RCSS: Price Matching Heaven, Cheap Mayo and More!

Good Evening Everyone!

Bit of a late post tonight but here is what I got this week $96.54!

Deals of the Week!

Price Matching from No Frills!

Ok, I went a little crazy. But I can't even describe how AMAZING the deals were this week at No Frills! .88 cent Blackberries, $1.88 Chips, $1.88 Taco Shells, $2.88 Snack Packs, $2.88 Ketchup, $2.88 Irish Spring, .88 cent Primo Soup, $2.88 frozen Berries and $1.88 Fresh Pasta! Amazing!!!

Pink Sticker and Mayo!

Great deal on a big massive bag of Bananas! Only $1.52 (after 50% pink sticker savings!) and $2.99 for Hellmann's - .75 cents back from Checkout 51 = $2.24!

Fresh Fruit and Veggies!

Amazing deals as well on Strawberries and Blackberries ($1.49 Fresh Co and .88 cents at NF!)Also .79 cents/LB for tomatoes and $1.49 for Romaine!

Total Savings with Pink Stickers, Price Matching, Checkout 51 and PC Plus Points: $39.64!!! Wow!

Happy Saving Everyone!

Sunday, 2 March 2014

Savings Sunday! PC Plus Point Deals, Clearance Racks, Pink Stickers and More!

Good Evening Everyone!

Managed to pry myself away from work and homework to do a little grocery shopping and my blog entry! Spent: $107.27! (Ouch! - $2.00 CO51 and Snapsaves - $105.27!)

Deals of the Week!

Pink Sticker Heaven!

Since I've been swamped with a crazy and weekend this week - headed to the grocery store fairly early this week and managed to get some amazing Pink Sticker Deals! Bag of baked goods including muffins and buns $1.99!; Breakfast Sausage for $2.79; Lean Ground Beef $4.39 and a premade salad for $1.78!

In Store Coupon Deals!

These 2 items were add-ons as I had great coupon matchups for them! Kashi crackers for $2.47 - $1.00 coupon = $1.47! and Ziplock containers - Hubby and I are snackers so I'm always looking for little containers - I love the colour first of all and they were on sale for $3.50 - $1.50 coupon = $2.00 for 6! Cheaper than no name! :D

Price Matching Deals!

Picked up Ricotta Cheese $4.00 at Fresh Co; Tropicana Juice for $1.97 at Fresh Co; and Yogourt also from Fresh Co for $4.99 for 16!

Checkout 51 and Snapsaves Deals!

2 great cashbacks this week - $1.00 back on any Unileaver Ice Cream - Picked up Bryers for $3.98 - $1.00 CB CO51 = $2.98! and $1.00 back on Ziggys Black Forest Ham picked up 90gs and paid $1.44 - $1.00 CB Snapsaves = .44 cents!

Clearance Deals!

Picked up this facecloth for .94 cents and a extension cord for $1.44!

PC Plus Points Deals!

Another week of earning money!!! Canned peas - 1,000 pts ($1.00); Ragu Sauce 1,800 pts ($1.80); Deli Meat 1,200 pts ($1.20); Ground Beef 600 pts (.60 cents); Ribs 1,400 pts ($1.40) = 6,200 pts or $6.20!!!! These were all personal deals for my card - which I love - PC personalizes the deals to my shopping habits! and I'm racking up the points on items I'm using each week! Amazing Program!!!!

Total Savings with Price Matching, Coupons, Pink Stickers; SnapSaves and Checkout51: $27.33!

Have a great week everyone! Happy Saving!