Sunday, 20 July 2014

Savings Sunday! RCSS - Free Taco Kit, Amazing PC Plus Points, Great PMs and More!

Good Evening All!,

Here is this week's haul: Paid $73.93!

Deals of the Week

PMing Deals of the week!

Great PMs this week - Managed to get 2 cartons of Orange Juice $2.00/each - at No Frills; Silk Almond Milk $3.49 and Barilla .99 cents at Metro; Del Monte Fruit cups $1.99 at Coppa.

Grapes and Tomatoes

Other mmm fruit and veggies - $1.47/lb for Grapes and Walmart; and Vine Tomatoes .79 cents/lb at Coppa

Free Taco Kit, Cheap Bread and Pink Sticker

I had an FPC from my last Taco kit because it was expired when I was about to use it! The company sent me an FPC to replace it - saved $4.00. Cinnamon Raisin Bagels - $3.19 - 50% sticker = $1.59. Country Harvest Bread - PMed for $2.00 - 1,200 PC plus Points = .80 cents!! WOOHOO!

PC Plus Points Deals

Managed to get some amazing points deals - Taco Kit (FREE) and made 800 points (.80 cents); Potatoes 600 pts (.60 cents); Grapes 600 pts (.60 cents); Bagels 200 pts (.20 cents); Veal 1,000 pts ($1.00); Country Harvest 1,200pts ($1.20) for a Total of 4,400 points! or $4.40!!!! Woohoo!

Total Savings with PC Plus Points, Pink Sticker, Coupons, FPC and Price Matching: $23.74

Happy Savings This Week Everyone!

Sunday, 13 July 2014

Savings Sunday on Saturday! Free Bread, Rain Check Redeeming and More!

Evening Everyone!

Here is this weeks shop! Spent $56.91 (-.25 cents Checkout 51 $56.66)!

Deals of the Week!

Free Bread!

My coupon from the 100 pack of Ziploc bags earlier this year (with expiry by the end of the month) finally found a sale to use this on - Picked up a 30 pack of Ziploc bags for $2.44 and pick up the bread for free! Saved $2.77!! Yahoo!

Rain Check Redeeming!

My RCSS was out a few key items I wanted to pick up last week. This week they restocked! $1.98 Dawn and $1.50 Milk!

Price Matching Deals!

Picked up some great deals on Soup .50 cents at No Frills, Grapes, $1.49/lb Yummie Market and Celery .79 cents Yummie Market!

More PMing!

Also got Yogourt $2.99 and Almond Milk $3.49 PMed from Metro and Gum $1.99 for a 4 pack from Shoppers!

Total Savings with Price Matching, Coupons, PC Plus Points and Checkout 51: $12.12!

Have a great week everyone!

Monday, 7 July 2014

Savings Sunday! RCSS: Amazing Salad Dressing Deal, Cheap Sour Cream and PC Plus Points!

Evening Everyone!,

As you may or may not have seen - I was putting finishing touches on my paper for class - hence why this is a day behind schedule! Total spent this week: $65.78!

Deals of the Week!

Price Matching - Yummie Market and No Frills!

Managed to pick up some great price matching deals this week from Yummie Market (2 week flyers there!) $1.49 Sour Cream - .50 cent coupon = .99 cents!; .88 cent Green Leaf Lettuce; Also some cheese from No Frills - $3.77 and Granola Bars at $1.77! also PMed an onion to WM and only paid .55 cents!(not shown in picture above!)

Salad Dressing Deal!

This was quite the unexpected deal this week! I needed some salad dressing and it was on sale at No Frills for $1.97. When I went to get the item off the shelf - 1,000 points for buying it! SCORE! Then I also managed to have a personal offer of another 700 pts = $1.70 in points made and only paying .27 cents for dressing! woohoo!

PC Plus Points Earned This Week!

Did pretty darn well on points this week - 1,700 pts ($1.70) on Salad Dressing; 400 pts (.40 cents) on Bananas; 800 pts (.80 cents) on Fresh Pork; 400 pts (.40 cents) on Ricotta Cheese; Totaling 3,300 pts or $3.30! Woohoo!

Total Savings with Price Matching, Coupons and PC Plus Points: $9.16!

Have a great week everyone and happy saving!!!

Sunday, 29 June 2014

Savings Sunday! RCSS: Cheap Sour Cream, Klondike Bars, Amazing PMs and Checkout 51/SnapSaves Deals!

Afternoon All!,

Here is this week's haul! Paid $73.31! ( - $2.75 in Checkout 51/Snapsaves = $70.56!!!)

Deals of the Week!

Walmart PMs!

Since it's 20th Anniversary Walmart they have some amazing deals! Picked up Kraft Dinner - .94 cents each; Salad Dressing - $1.94; Grape Tomatoes - .94 cents!

More PMs - No Frills, Coppa and Yummie Market!!!

I did a ton of PMing this week - Here are some more! - Romaine Lettuce - .88 cents; Dole Salad .88 cents; Sour Cream - $1.49 - .50 coupon = .99 cents - SnapSaves .50 cents = .49 cents!; .88 cent Alcan; $1.88 Wonder Bread; $2.88 Welches Frozen berries; Barilla Pasta - .99 cents!

Checkout 51 Deals!

Not sure why I added the Ragu but I did PM them - .99 cents each! But the best deals were from Checkout 51! PMed the Klondike bars to $2.88 (No Frills) - $2.00 Checkout 51 = .88 cents!!!! Reg Price at RCSS $6.49!!! AMAZING DEAL! And great time for them! SOOO HOT OUT! Also .25 cents back on my Apple - .27 cents for one :) Yummie!

Total Savings with SnapSaves, Checkout 51, Coupons and Savings: $23.96!!

Have an amazing holiday weekend and happy saving!!!!

Sunday, 22 June 2014

Savings Sunday! Free Tuna, Pink Sticker, Cheap Thins Fins and more!

Good Evening Everyone!

Here is this week's shop - $72.69 (-$2.50 in Checkout 51 = $70.19!)

Deals of the Week!

Price Matching - Fruits, Veggies and Almond Milk!

Did some great price matching on all the items shown here! Tomatoes and Romaine - .79 cents/lb and .79 cents each!; .79 cents for the cucumber; $1.77/lb for the grapes; .74 cent salad after pink sticker; and Almond Milk - $2.99!

Bread and Soup!

PMed Bread to $1.88 at No Frills this week and Lipton Soup $2.49 at Shoppers!

Checkout 51 Deals!

Amazing week for me on Checkout 51! Managed to make $2.50 on $1.00 back for Thins Fins - Making them only .88 cents; $1.00 back on Tuna - Which was $2.00 - $1.00 off coupon - $1.00 CO51 = FREE!; and Yogourt which I got an upgrade on this week and only paid $3.49 after PM and .50 cent rebate! YAYA! Also managed to Cash Out for a $22.51! Yahoo!

Total Savings this week with Checkout 51, PC Plus Points, Price Matching, Coupons and a Pink Sticker: ?? Doh! I've lost my calculation sheet :( But hey! I know I've got some great saving in this week! Happy Saving Everyone!

Sunday, 15 June 2014

Savings Sunday! RCSS and Shoppers - Free SnackPacks, Cheap Eggs, Sour Cream, and Amazing PC Plus Points!

Good Evening All!

Here is this week's haul from RCSS! $69.90 (-$1.50 in SnapSaves = $68.40!)

Deals of the Week!

Walmart .94 cent deals!

Always need to do a stock up on these items! Barilla Pasta, Primo Soup and Ragu! Amazing Deal and all of these items for $10.34!!

SnapSaves items and Fruits/Veggies!

2 Great deals that I combined with SnapSaves deals! - Gay Lea Sour Cream - $1.47 - .50 cent SS = .97 cents! (would have got a better deal if I was able to get the coupon above the product but it was sold out! :() Also picked up Gay Lea - Cinnamon and Brown Sugar Butter Spread - Price Matched to Yummie Market - $2.69 - $1.00 off coupon - $1.00 off SS = .69 cents!!!! Also picked up .49 cents/lb for Bananas - (Coppa) and Red Leaf Lettuce - (Yummie Market) - .79 cents/each! Also some cherry tomatoes for $1.47/each from No Frills!

Great PC Plus Point Deals!

Managed to get a few great deals on PC Plus Points! Hellmann's Mayo - PMed to $2.97 from No Frills! (200pts - .20 cents); Bananas (PMed to Coppa - .49 cents/lb - 400 pts - .40 cents); Boneless pork - (1,200 pts - $1.20); 1800 pts ($1.80) for Deli Garlic Beef, Pepperoni and Capocollo! Total made 3,600 points - $3.60!!!

Total Savings with Price Matching, SnapSaves, Coupons and PC Plus Points: $23.57!

Bonus Haul: Shoppers Haul!

Picked up everything on sale and only Paid $11.44!! Facial Tissues - .59 cents each; Ice Cream - $3.49 (+ 2400 bonus point coupon);Eggs $1.77 - .25 cents Checkout 51 - $1.52!; Snack Pack on Sale for $2.99 - $3.00 Coupon! FREE!; Royal Bathroom Tissue - $3.99 - $1.00 coupon $2.99! and totaled 2,540 points! Woohoo!

Have a great week everyone!

Sunday, 8 June 2014

Savings Sunday! RCSS - SCOP, Free Cheese, Cheap Fruits and Veggies and More!

Good Evening All!

Picked up this weeks groceries for $87.32!

Deals of the Week!

Cheap Ragu, Yogourt, Green Beans and Cucumber!

Mmmmm.... I'm all about the RAGU! .97 cents this week at No Frills! Yogourt - $6.99 at RCSS - PMed to Food Basics for $3.88! Green Beans at .88 cents/lb and a cucumber at .67 cents!

Price Matching/Coupons!

Great PMs this week on Primo Soup - .88 cents (Food Basics); $1.99 Fruit Salad Cups (Coppa); Softsoap was $1.98 each at RCSS on sale and $3.28 - $1.00 off coupon for the Almond milk singles - $2.28 for 3! Also grabbed 3 - mini naan breads for .48 cents each!! (with the 50% off stickers :D)

SCOP and Free Cheese!

So I picked up the free cheese this week from my Old El Paso box - finally the Old El Paso stuff went on sale at RCSS - $2.98! Bought the Kit and Salsa at $2.98 each and also had to PM the cheese (cause the coupon would only be $7.00 off!) and saved $5.88! Also the batteries were ringing at $7.49 when on the shelf they were $4.99 = SCOP! FREE!

Total Savings with Coupons, Price Matching, Pink Stickers and Checkout .51 = $23.92!

Happy Saving This Week!