Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Savings Monday! Metro & Fresh Co. Cheap Catelli, Dove Bodywash, Checkout 51, Zweet and More!

Good Afternoon Everyone! Here is this week's haul! $79.77!

Deals of the Week!


I keep picking up pretty great deals at Metro. Always fresh and decent pricing! $24.99 on a bulk pack of chicken drumsticks, 2 ground beef, 1 ground veal and Beef Strips! This will be great for a bunch of meals this week!

Price Matching and Coupon Deals!

Two amazing deals on Dove and Yogourt! I price matched the Dove to No Frills ($2.96) and I had a $2.00 off printable on any Dove female bodywash making it .96 cents! (Also randomly - anyone seem to think that the bottle has gotten smaller?! Not sure but probably!). Also picked up Yogourt Price Matched to Food Basics ($2.87) - $1.00 off coupon from a previous box = $1.87 for 12! :D

Checkout 51 and Zweet Deals!

I was finally able to redeem great deals with Checkout 51 and Zweet this week! Checkout 51 had a buy 2 Catelli get $1.00. Paired this up with $1.49 Catelli at Fresh Co. - $1.00 when you buy 2 Catelli coupon from WebSaver = .50 cents a box! GREAT DEAL! Also .50 cent off rebate on Silk Almond Milk from Zweet - $2.99 Metro sale = $2.49! And .25 cents back on Bananas means I only paid $1.57 for a whole bunch!

Price Matching Deals!

Grabbed a few more items! Peanut Butter for my Mom - $2.96 (No Frills); Strawberries $1.87 each (Food Basics); Strawberry Jam - $1.99 (RCSS)!

Coke and Apples

Finally Price Matched two items - Coke .97 cents (RCSS) - For a recipe with my chicken! and Apples! Only .97 cents a pound! (Food Basics).

Total Savings with Checkout 51, Air Miles, Zweet, Price Matching and Couponing:$21.10!

Yahoo! Finally back over $20.00 savings! Have a great week everyone!!!

Thursday, 21 May 2015

Savings Sunday! Metro & Fresh Co. - SCOP, Pickles, Price Matching and More!

Hello All! Hope your long weekend was amazing!

Here is this week's haul! Spent: $66.28!

Deals of the Week!

SCOP: Kolbassa and Checkout 51 Pickle deal!

Picked up a great deal on Kolbassa! On the shelf at Fresh Co. it was $3.00 on sale this past week but it rang in at $4.29! = Free! :D Also picked up $2.49 Pickles - .50 cent rebate on Checkout 51 = $1.99!

Tomatoes and Pasta Sauce!

Picked up some yummie Tomatoes for my Enchiladas sauce! Only .99 cents a Fresh Co.! Also Price Matched Ragu to No Frills for .96 cents!

Strawberries and Shrimp!

Picked up some Strawberries for $1.96 (No Frills) and Fresh Co. had a little bag of Shrimp for $4.99! Yummie!

Total savings this week with Checkout 51, Price Matching and SCOP: $8.84!

Aiming for more couponing deals this weekend! Have a great rest of the short week and have an awesome weekend!

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Savings Sunday is Back! No Frills & Metro: Cheap Bacon, Snack Food, Fruit and Veg and More!

Good Afternoon Everyone!,

Long Time no see! Here is this week's haul! Total Spent: $101.43! (I'm calling this a stock up haha!)

Deals of the Week!

BOGO Bacon and Ketchup!

Great Metro deals this week - $2.99 for Ketchup (Great for the BBQ season!) and a BOGO on Bacon - $4.49 for 2 packs! (or $2.25 a pack!)

Fruit and Veggie PMs!

Stocked up on some great deals at No Frills. Grapes .88 cents/lb (Food Basics); Avocados .77 cents each (Walmart); Red Delicious Apples .99 cents/lb (Fresh Co.); Broccoli $1.00 each at NF!

Snack Food and Peas!

This is what happens when Hubby comes for the shop! I spend more! Haha. Well we needed some lunch snacks - $2.99 Snack Pack (Shoppers); Chocolate Chip Cookies - $1.99; and Peas for .77 cents each!

Almond Milk and Sour Cream!

Picked up my usual Almond Milk and the Silk was on sale this week for $3.50. Also grabbed a tub of sour cream! $1.00!

Total Savings with Price Matching and Sales: $4.14!

Low savings this week but I did buy a bunch of items on sale at No Frills for my shopping! Still working on finding a grocery store that I love. Metro is definitely my go to for meat lately! Still unsure on which store to choose for my other items! I've checked out Longo's, Fresh Co. and now No Frills! What are your thoughts? Have a great week everyone :D

Sunday, 19 April 2015

Buffalo Haul Part 1: Clothing, Home and More! Sears, Kohl's, Target, Old Navy and Gap!

Good Afternoon All!,

Mom and I popped down to Buffalo, NY area for a little few day getaway and we had an awesome time! Here is a wideshot of all the items that I picked up for this Home/Clothing/Stock up haul!

T-Shirts for Hubby!

Hubby requested some t-shirts for work. They did have some specific requirements - no vnecks, no buttons and no pockets. Was hard to find actually! Ended up picking up 3 - one from Kohl's for $6.99; one from Gap for $5.99 and one from Old Navy for $5.00! (Saved $23.59 for all 3! as you know all were on sale/clearance rack!)

Sears Clearance!

Managed to pick up a pair of black dress pants and a black dress skirt for only $3.99 each! All of the items with a green tag on their clearance racks at Sears were marked down to this! Woohoo! Saved a great deal on both items!!!


Picked up this adorable sweater from Kohl's for only $5.40! (Saved $48.60!)

Up and Up Products from Target!

If you haven't signed up for Target Cartwheel you need to! It's an app on your phone that allows you to have instant savings! And yes - this can work for Canadians because there is Free Wifi in Target Stores!!!!! YAHOO!!! I actually really enjoy Target's Up and Up brand items - I tend to buy them a lot! here are a few of the items I picked up that I scored an extra 5% off of! Saving a total of .78 cents extra with the app! Now don't think it's just 5% deals - there are many different deals ranging from 5%-50% off specific items! and yes you can STACK with Target Coupons, Manufactures Coupons and RedCard Savings! Checkout more information on Cartwheel over HERE!

Dish Scrubber Deal!

Picked up this deal tip from Bought 4 scrubbers for $1.04 each - $3.00 off when you buy 4 up and up cleaning products = $1.16 for all 8 scrubbies or .15 cents each!

Other Target Deals!

I was finally out of napkins after winning a Bounty contest almost 2 years ago! So I decided to pick up these Cheeky brand ones 200 for $2.04 on clearance! Also picked up Kleenex for $2.17 a pack (after a 5% cartwheel) Saving me an extra .12 cents! And finally picked up a deodorant for Hubby $2.54 - $1.00 manufactures coupon = $1.54!

Home Items from Target!

I really scored big on the clearance rack! 70% off Bathroom items! A new shower curtian for $5.98 and 2 funky bath towels for $3.88 each!

Facial Cream Deals!

I picked up these two creams for a friend. I wanted to highlight the cost compared to Canada for these. Both creams retail at a Rexall downtown for $25.99 each! (woah!) I managed to pick up both for $23.77 US. That included an amazing $6.00 Cerave printable Coupon! Amazing deal for both items!

More Home items!

Also picked up some adorable home items! This cute frame for only $4.99 (saved $20.00!) and a easter welcome banner for only $3.00 (80% off!) at Cracker Barrel!

As you can see - I still managed to get some amazing deals in Buffalo (even with the dollar not being the best right now!) I tried to maximize my savings! Part 2 will be my food savings hope to have that up this week!

Have a great week everyone!

Monday, 13 April 2015

Savings Sunday on Monday! RCSS & Metro: Cheap Mayo with Checkout 51 Deal, Price Matching and More!

Good Afternoon All!,

Here is this week's shop! Spent $62.09!

Deals of the Week!

PC Plus Point Offers & Checkout 51 Deal!

Managed to get some good digital deals for PC Plus Offers. Hellmann's - $2.98 - $1.00 Checkout 51 = $1.98 - 800 pts (.80 cents) = $1.18 for Mayo! Super Score!!! Bread $2.28 PMed to Walmart - 800 pts (.80 cents) = $1.48!; Crossiants $1.14 for 2 - 200 pts (.20 cents) = .94 cents! and Turkey $5.00 - 1,000 pts ($1.00) = $4.00! Earned 2,800 pts ($2.80) This week!

Pasta and Sauce!

Picked up some .99 cent Barilla Pasta (Metro) and .97 cent Ragu (No Frills)!

Price Matching - Food Basics!

Got all 3 of these deals from Food Basics PMing! - Almond Milk $2.99; Apples - .88 cents/lb; and Andy Boy 3 pack $1.97!

Metro Ground Beef!

Plan to make Shephard's Pie this week for the Hubs :) Picked up 3 packs of meat for $17.48. This will be about 4 nights worth of different meals! Yummie!

Total Savings with Price Matching, PC Plus Points and Checkout 51: $15.70!

Have a great week everyone!!!!

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Savings Sunday - From Monday and on Tuesday! Metro & Fresh Co! Natrel Milk Deal, Cheap Meat and More!

Hello Everyone!,

I wasn't able to do any groceries on Sunday due to the Easter long week! Hope everyone had a lovey Easter with your families :)! Here is this week's haul from Monday! Spent: $63.79!

Deals of the Week!

Natrel Milk - Checkout 51/Zweet Deal!

Shockingly... this was my only amazing deal this week! Yeesh! After Easter sales are always never the best but here we go! Hubby is the only one who drinks milk. I find buying 4L in the bags tend to go bad and i'm throwing it out. Noticed this deal and went for it! Reg $3.99 at Fresh Co. Price Matched to TnT for $2.99. (which goes down to $2.98 at Fresh Co. They beat it by an extra cent!) - $1.50 Cashback from Checkout 51 when you buy 2 and .25 cent cashback on Zweet = Final Price $4.21 for 2 or $2.11 a carton! Great Deal! This milk can be crazy expensive as well!

Metro Meat Deals!

More great fresh meat deals this week from Metro. Picked up Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast for Mayo Chicken and Stirfry. Also grabbed two packs of veal and one pack of ground chuck for various meals this week (pasta, tacos and whatever else catches my eye!) Total Spent on Meat in the picture $20.72 and also earned an air mile!

Compliments Products and Fresh Fruit/Veg

Trying out some new products this week. I do really enjoy my PC products, but for a change - going to try some Compliments products! Bagged Salad - .99 cents each, Bagged Broccoli - $1.99 each, diced tomatoes .77 cents each and Soy Sauce $1.89. Also grabbed some staples - Bananas, Oranges and Tomatoes for the week!

Total Savings This Week - Price Matching, Air Mile, Zweet and Checkout 51: $3.87!

A very low total but I still did manage to save. Next week going to look to save more! Have a great shorten week everyone! :)

Sunday, 29 March 2015

Savings Sunday! RCSS & Metro: Cheap Astro, Fruit, PC Plus Point Deals and Rant!

Good Afternoon All!,

Here is this week's haul! Spent $64.26!

Deals of the Week!

Meat Deals!

I've been getting all of my meat from Metro the last 2-ish months and I'm really enjoying the freshness and quality! I managed to only spend $24.76 - earned an air mile, and also picked up most of my meat for the week! Yum!

Grapes and Strawberries!

It's that time of year again! Fruit season! I picked up red grapes .98 cents/lb (PMed to Besto Market); and $1.77 Strawberries per pack (PMed to Metro!)

PC Plus Point Deals and Coupon Deal!

Hubby loves his yogourt! It's a great addition to his daily lunch - I managed to get this 12 pack for $3.98 - $1.00 coupon (on a previous carton pack) also - 400 pts (.40 cents) = $2.58!; Also earned 200 pts (.20 cents) on Bananas this week too :)!

Shrimp and Sour Cream

I've been wanting some shrimp and picked up this bag for $5.99 (PMed to Loblaws); and $1.49 Sour Cream (PMed to Food Basics).

Rant! My local RCSS has a changing PMing Policy :(...

So that flyer was at every cash at my local RCSS (Steeles/Dufferin) Toronto today (March 29, 2015). Informing customers that RCSS will be limiting to which stores you can price match to, how many items you can price match and also which ethnic stores you can PM to as well. This is tough. I understand to limit the quantities to 4... (I will admit I can pm up to 6-8 of the same item - Ragu!), I've seen people PM more then 10 of the same item before! I'm pretty bummed out about this policy and the language regarding "reducing lineups" does rub me a bit the wrong way. Does that mean people who spend more than I do want a faster checkout experience? I don't mind waiting for my coupons/PMing to be processed. But it can take a bit more time than the average customer for me to checkout and I plan for this in my weekly shop. I've also been noticing in the past few months the quality of my local RCSS produce and meat going downhill and also stocking of items I purchase weekly being out of stock more often. I'm on the fence about continuing my business with them as I can head to other stores who offer PMing and Couponing of my weekly shop. What are your thoughts and has your local supermarket come in with new measures? Let me know in the comments!

Total Savings with Price Matching, Couponing and PC Plus Points: $9.32!

Have a great week everyone!